Gears of War 4 (The Soundtrack)

Gears of War 4 (The Soundtrack)

Ramin Djawadi

  • Genre:
  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 23

  • ℗ 2016 Sumthing Else Music Works


Title Artist Time
Prologue Ramin Djawadi 0:58 USD 0.99
Anvil Gate Ramin Djawadi 2:36 USD 0.99
The Raid Ramin Djawadi 1:31 USD 0.99
Main Theme Ramin Djawadi 2:14 USD 0.99
In and Out Ramin Djawadi 3:04 USD 0.99
A Few Snags Ramin Djawadi 3:32 USD 0.99
Taken Ramin Djawadi 2:16 USD 0.99
The Grave Ramin Djawadi 2:02 USD 0.99
The Prodigal Son Ramin Djawadi 2:18 USD 0.99
The Great Escape Ramin Djawadi 2:34 USD 0.99
Almost Midnight Ramin Djawadi 2:52 USD 0.99
Night Terrors Ramin Djawadi 1:58 USD 0.99
At the Doorstep Ramin Djawadi 2:11 USD 0.99
Rise of the Swarm Ramin Djawadi 2:13 USD 0.99
Cathedral of Pods Ramin Djawadi 2:12 USD 0.99
Do Not Go Gentle Ramin Djawadi 2:44 USD 0.99
Windflare Ramin Djawadi 2:10 USD 0.99
Out of the Hive Ramin Djawadi 2:54 USD 0.99
Recovery Ramin Djawadi 4:08 USD 0.99
The Storm Ramin Djawadi 4:58 USD 0.99
DB Returns Ramin Djawadi 2:11 USD 0.99
Finale Ramin Djawadi 3:20 USD 0.99
A Nightmare Reborn Ramin Djawadi 3:14 USD 0.99


  • Brilliant

    By Joe McGrowth
    Unfortunately, theres a lot of listeners craving the epic major chords of the previous games, where this reaches out into the technical field of audio, in terms of amazing composition and engineering, while also retaining similar four chord structures of the previous games. There is a vast amount of work poured into this soundtrack, superior to most triple A titles. The music is perhaps slightly undermixed in the base game volumes during gameplay, but that's not the decesion of the studio engineers or Ramin, so don't apply that to the reviews of the underscore itself. It is a truly inspiring piece of work that syncs beautifully to the character of the game.
  • Gears of Boredom

    By ZenithLord_42
    Gears is back, but music leaves something EPIC to be desired. As an avid Gears fan I had to purchase the soundtrack for the fourth installment! I decided to enter into this new chapter with few expectations, as I enjoy being surprised by experiencing what a new game such as Gears 4 has to offer. One point being the music. Mr. Djawadi is a very talented artist and you can hear it in the ambience created in the tracks, but in a video game about sawing your enemies in half with chainsaw bayonets, it doesn't do a very good job at providing that bravado that the other Gears titles had. I understand that Gears 4 is the second foray into the Gears universe for developer The Coalition, (the first being the trilogy remaster) and as such, is different than EPIC Games' work, but the only real difference is that it simply a new chapter in the Gears story. Gears 4 definitely shows The Coalition's love for the franchise from the opening to the finale, with the new enemy encounters, weapons, and characters, as well returning favorites, but something in the soundtrack is missing. Basically, Gears 4 is a fantastic addition to the franchise, but the music leaves it, flat... The soundtrack when not compared to the previous works by Kevin Riepl and Steve Jablonsky, still doesn't seem to have any recognizable themes or tries to convey anything meaningful or epic besides being ambient background music. When compared to those previous works the music in Gears 4 comes across as if in the original series, Marcus and the gang simply walked down a spooky street with no opposition to the games conclusion; as opposed to fighting for humanity's survival against genocidal monsters who will stomp you into red mush and then blow-up said red mush with a grenade. Even when compared to the loud noise that was Gears 3's ost this collection of music doesn't even communicate struggle, action, or horror, just blandness. It does have appeal like if someone was to give a speech in Albanian to a crowd of Americans who only know english. The work and people are there, but the speaker just isn't speaking the same language. This soundtrack functions in a similar manner; well orchestrated, quiet songs in a game filled with explosions. The game itself doesn't even use the music effectively, as again, the music is there, but just doesn't pertain to anything happening for the player. I love Mr. Djawadi's work such as IronMan with its technical fast-paced themes to Game of Thrones' mournful and bard-ish music, but those ost's matched those stories and told you what to feel. I hate to say it, but the only things going for this soundtrack are two names, Gears of War and Ramin Djwadi.
  • Ramin you're too busy

    By BlackGreatGatsby
    This would of been a better soundtrack if Ramin used some of the sheet music from the previous games and added a dab of his flavor. This soundtrack is dry; and Steve Jablonsky in my opinion is and will be the best composer for this franchise.
  • Missing some of the epic themes of previous games.

    By uberbman
    I'm a fan of Ramin Djawadi but I can't seem to get into this score. At times it reminds me of the first Gears of War score with understated moody atmospheric tones, but it lacks the epic going to war bombastic sweeping themes of Steve Jablonsky from Gears 2, 3, and contributions to Judgment with Jacob Shea.
  • Okay

    By Trixrabbit24
    Soundtrack not nearly as good as the previous games. Can barely be heard throughout the game and is rarely emphasized during pinnacle moments.
  • Ramin ROCKS

    By ThePhantomThieve
    Ramin is such a perfect fit for this franchise, the new theme is cool along the other great music heard through out, played the game and heard the amazing music had to buy it.