Warcraft (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Ramin Djawadi

Warcraft (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ramin Djawadi

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2016-06-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • ℗ 2016 Back Lot Music


Title Artist Time
Warcraft Ramin Djawadi 1:58 USD 0.99
The Horde Ramin Djawadi 3:17 USD 0.99
Medivh Ramin Djawadi 2:43 USD 0.99
Honor Ramin Djawadi 4:45 USD 0.99
Forest Ambush Ramin Djawadi 3:43 USD 0.99
Lothar Ramin Djawadi 3:35 USD 0.99
Gul'dan Ramin Djawadi 3:13 USD 0.99
The Beginning Ramin Djawadi 2:29 USD 0.99
Strong Bones Ramin Djawadi 1:34 USD 0.99
Victory and Defeat Ramin Djawadi 3:02 USD 0.99
The Book Ramin Djawadi 2:27 USD 0.99
Two Worlds Colliding Ramin Djawadi 3:22 USD 0.99
The Incantation Ramin Djawadi 3:43 USD 0.99
Half Orc, Half Human Ramin Djawadi 1:26 USD 0.99
Whatever Happens Ramin Djawadi 1:43 USD 0.99
My Gift to You Ramin Djawadi 2:31 USD 0.99
Llane's Solution Ramin Djawadi 7:25 USD 0.99
Mak'gora Ramin Djawadi 5:01 USD 0.99
For Azeroth Ramin Djawadi 2:49 USD 0.99


  • Don't support Blizzard Entertainment

    By Anizarb
    Blizzard Entertainment has poor customer service and does NOT deserve your commercial support.
  • Dissapointing

    By ColericV
    This was just plain boring to listen to. I was hoping it would be something a little close to the games, more epic, warrior, more soul, more empowering. But this is just too flat for me. Too bad.
  • Epic & Amazing

    By Nick Hayes
    I love this soundtrack. Just like any instrumental soundtrack it takes a couple of times through it to hear everything that is going on, but if you allow it time rather than just writing it off, you will see that this is fantastic work from Ramin Djawadi. I have been listening to this music almost non-stop for about a week and it blows me away. The music has the epic bombastic sound and not a single song disappointed me. I knew, as soon as I saw the movie that I wanted this soundtrack and I am really happy that I got it, as I had been wanting some epic fantasy music. Try it & give it a chance. It's worth the effort.
  • Wish Russell Brower had done it...

    By SpamSpamSpamAndSpam
    But this is great too!
  • I am just here for the Main Theme

    By theonlyhsn
    Awesome movie! Very enjoyed it!
  • Wait for it !! Gets better as you listen

    By Jiano Joel
    First impressions are everything and I heard the first 2 tracks Warcraft and Horde and totally wanted to discontinue from listening as it sounded very generic.. I gave the 3rd track a chance and every track afterwards was the megestic sound that I was waiting for !!!!
  • Disappointed

    By Silent_Robotz
    I've been a Warcraft fan since 2004, and have bought every soundtrack that has been released along with the various iterations of content. This soundtrack lacks passion and emotion. Sure I am a huge John Williams fan and yes he IS the best composer in modern film orchestration, but he gives the movies he is working on the oxygen needed to relate to the characters, to become immersed in the cinematic adventure being told. This soundtrack does not have any of that, it sounds like it was thrown together in a week without even knowing the premise of the movie while probably barley any collaboration was attempted with Mr. Jones or anyone from Blizzard.