Add Violence - EP - Nine Inch Nails

Add Violence - EP

Nine Inch Nails

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-07-21
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 2017 The Null Corporation


Title Artist Time
Less Than Nine Inch Nails 3:30 USD 1.29
The Lovers Nine Inch Nails 4:09 USD 1.29
This Isn't the Place Nine Inch Nails 4:44 USD 1.29
Not Anymore Nine Inch Nails 3:06 USD 1.29
The Background World Nine Inch Nails 11:44 USD Album Only


  • This isn't the Place

    By D3N1ZEN
    NIN has been relatively boring for a while; the songs have been formulaic and not been engaging in a way that represents the way modern elctronic music has changed. This isn't the Place is a NIN song that is really interesting and doesn't fall into this trap. It has bits of a sounds that are far more compelling than the agro, angsty NIN that the diehards? seem to appreciate.
  • Just for...

    By mozollini
    ... The Background Noise... This is the best for me. A descent ! Into ... Industrial Noise at its best. Reminded me of his early attempts and NON best work.
  • Add Violence: Manhattan Aerie

    By AerieManhattan
    Trent (and Atticus), I love your music, your persevering perfectionism-- your intelligent lyrics and awesome sound. Love the passive sheepish consumerism & unthinking undercurrent of fear (will we be "safe"?!), captured in "are you less than?" Wishing you happiness, with your perseverance and perfectionism, that doesn't freeze you up (nothing is perfect; I love how u work that in). In awe of what you have done on your own. Much happiness, man.
  • Glad to see him back!

    By Jnorberg23
    I loved "Less Than" and "The Lovers" but didn't care too much about the other three tracks. "Less Than" heavily reminded me of Hesitation Marks and "The Lovers" almost had a sound similar to something off of a Radiohead album. Fantastic EP though, and it will stay in my library.
  • Brilliant

    By AGB7
    To the guys pining away for the return of a Downward Spiral...welcome the reality known distinctly as "change". Besides, the utter despair got old eventually, right? Maybe that's just my story. This work is gorgeous.
  • Nine Inch Who?_Update

    By bennieaces
    As an update to my "Nine Inch Who? Jul 21, 2017: after some solid listening and contemplating I continue to find enjoyment in listening to this EP. I created a playlist with this EP and the previous "Not The Actual Events" EP. I was hoping I would come to some sort of epiphanatical resolutiuon as to what this album represents to a fruitless end I am afraid. I did however learn to hear where the additions of Atticus and Trent would begin and end within each song. It was enjoyable to here Mariqueens voice on the last song of this EP. I also liked hearing some vulnerability with Trents vocals on "This Isn't The Place". In all likelihood with a 3rd EP to be released later on the three EP's and possibly some other unheard material could be released as a full length Album and which will take up some physical room and digital memory within my libraries. I hear people complaining about how recent NIN releases aren't even worth listening to. I think that is a somewhat unintlegent response and should be retracted for the reviews as it really is a lie. I myself am very grateful that Trent is Still releasing material as Nine Inch Nails. I enjoy his OST's and his material with Saul Williams (some of my favorite)and some of the other groups he has produced with; but, I do sometimes feel a little frustrated in that his time is going to the production of such things and not Nine Inch Nails materials but, that being said; those are the experiences that make Nine Inch Nails what it is today. Trent Reznor is absolultely one of the greatest music composers and producers of past, present and future generations. Honestly, job well done with this one you guys. I look forward to anything else that is and/or has a tie to Trent Reznor and his unique and truely identifiable artisitc signature. Thank you Mr. Trent Reznor and Mr. Atticus Ross for continuing to engage me as a fan of all your work.
  • This Is the Place

    By Darkshell07
    The second ep in a trilogy that had a delayed announcement has finally arrived and it does not disappoint. Of course it's nothing like the first but rather a more retrained held back 2nd chapter in what is told in a short story. Amazing creeper tracks lie within and paint a bold dark portrait what Reznor truly feels.
  • Solid offering

    By FranknPay
    Another enjoyable EP from NIN - I mean what else can I say? If I could only listen to one band it would be them
  • Gets better every album

    By toshiromifune
    I feel compelled to write a glowing review in answer to the old fans that think anyone who likes his new stuff is brainwashed, or lying, just like it because it’s Trent. I knew one of those fans, the diehard with a worn out PHM CD and ticket stubs to the Fragility tour, who stopped listening at Year Zero and has trashed all his work since. I didn’t start paying attention to NIN until With Teeth, and since then it’s become my favorite music.I appreciate the old stuff musically, not what it represented at the time, I think Reznor continues to grow and expand his universe of sound, accepts that he doesn’t have to do it alone, officially adding Atticus to the band, and is allowing himself to get older and not pretending to still be 25, screaming his lung out. This is an extension of his soundtrack work, NIN and even has the How to Destroy Angels vibe that I think is very underrated. He’s in his own world musically and I’m enjoying the ride. This is music for zoning out with a great set of cans and just losing yourself in it, without wanting to burn the world down.
  • Evoked & Evolved....

    By Destrucx
    We need this more than ever .......melodic and beautiful sounds that have evolved over time. Trent is back on his game in a big way. It's back to basics but it's basics for the future. I've followed his music since the beginning back in the new wave/ industrial clubs that I used to frequent. Fanboys that are expecting Pretty Hate Machine need to keep looking because he has made this EP for this moment in time.

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